Club 100 Lottery

January 2021 Club 100 Lucky Winners announced:

The 93rd Club 100 lottery draw was made on January 27th 2021, witnessed by all attendees of the online WAT AGM. After last quarter’s gratifying increase, unfortunately this time the numbers were well down, with only 172 paid-up subscribers.  Lucky winners are:



Mr & Mrs R. Tibbett, who won £206.40

Mr & Mrs J. Lynch, who won £86.00

Mrs Johanna Wheal, who won £34.40

Next draw is in April 2021.  Congratulations to our winners and thank you to all members who take part in the Club 100 lottery. Thanks to your support the scheme has raised well over £20,000 for restoration funds since it began in 1997.

Club 100 is a fundraising cash prize draw lottery, exclusive to Trust members. £15 per year buys a lucky number which is entered into 4 quarterly draws throughout the year. The total prize fund is slightly over half the subscriptions, so the more members, the bigger the prizes! The remaining income goes directly to canal restoration funds.

For every 100 subscribers in the draw, the prizes are:
        1st        £120
        2nd       £50
        3rd        £20

In fact we have about twice that many, so twice the prizes, and room for you too! If you would like to be in with a chance of winning next time, joining Club 100 couldn’t be easier. Simply complete the application form below and arrange payment (online banking, standing order, or cheque).

Be in it to win it !             Thank you for your support.

Your support will be appreciated >>>