Restoration Working Parties

The Wendover Arm Trust’s purpose is the restoration of the Wendover Canal to full navigation, which has already achieved a large Biodiversity Net Gain and will continue to do so. This work is undertaken by our team of volunteers under the watchful eye of Operations Director Tony Bardwell. Tony’s most recent monthly reports can be found in the latest posts below; older ones, and earlier Work Party Newsletters from our then-Restoration Director Roger Leishman, can be found on the Library page of this menu, under the appropriate date.

Next Work Parties

Working parties are postponed due to the virus, but are normally held throughout the year, starting on the first Friday of the month, as listed below.  They could be shortened or cancelled by bad weather or the virus, or lengthened in good conditions. We need further help for this highly rewarding work for further information, please contact Tony Bardwell at or 01296 634973.  Any help will be greatly appreciated.

January, February: Cancelled due to the virus
TBC: Friday 5th – Thursday 11th March, 2021
Friday 2nd – Thursday 8th April, 2021 which includes Easter weekend
Friday 7th – Thursday 13th May, 2021
Friday 4th – Thursday 10th June, 2021
Friday 2nd – Thursday 8th July, 2021
Friday 6th – Thursday 12th August, 2021
Friday 3rd – Thursday 9th September, 2021
Friday 1st – Thursday 7th October, 2021
Friday 5th – Thursday 11th November, 2021
​Friday 3rd – Thursday 9th December, 2021

Recent Progress

We have nearly finished restoring the canal between the two footbridges 4A and 4.  We just have to finish off in front of what was Whitehouses pumping station, and around the old and new Bridges numbered 4. You can view what we have achieved at any time from the public towpath, above Wilstone Reservoir. There is limited visitor parking in Drayton Beauchamp village (HP22 5LT) although the work is now some distance from here, and a car park at Wilstone reservoir off Lower Icknield Way (near HP23 4NW).  You may also find roadside parking around Little Tring bridge (near HP23 4NR), but please be very careful. Do come and see our volunteers in action restoring the canal and don’t be afraid to stop and make yourselves known.  Any of the lads (and lassies) will be only too pleased to stop work and have a chat to explain what is going on and to answer any questions you may have.

Tidy Friday Work Parties

Tidy Friday work parties were restarting in January but have also been put off by the virus. They are light work keeping our canal, bridges and towpath looking spick and span and cared for, organised by John Reynolds. For details or to volunteer phone John on 07787 355515. The proposed dates are as follows, these will allow for work parties to run for 2 weeks if weather and conditions are right. These dates are all provisional, if any of the work parties only run for one week, he may bring the dates forward by a week:

CANCELLED: January 22nd
TBA: February 19th
March 19th
April 16th
May 21st
June 18th
July 16th
August 20th
September 17th
October 15th
November 19th
December 17th. 

Latest Restoration Posts and Reports

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