We are bringing the Wendover Canal back to life

Our volunteers are rebuilding and relining the Wendover Canal.
We continue to attract more people to enjoy our ever-improving green corridor, walking and cycling as well as boating, improving their Well-being. We have already achieved a substantial net gain in Biodiversity, and we remain careful that it increases further.
Major achievements to date include: Funding a rebuilt Little Tring Bridge, re-watering over a mile (1.7km) of canal,
and conserving Heritage e.g. the historic Whitehouses site.

Latest News

  • Break-in, did you see anything?
    Our Restoration storage hut was broken into and some items stolen, which have to be replaced from our charitable funds.
  • April 2021, Work Re-starts
    Our Wendover Canal volunteer restoration has re-started, and here’s our extra-large 13 tonne hired excavator
  • Terrain, Flora and Fauna
    We’re building a gallery showcasing our Terrain, Flora and Fauna. We’ve added April pictures to March and February…
  • Newsletter Spring 2021
    Here is our Spring 2021 newsletter. Members should also read the 2 separate documents introducing our new membership system.

For our earlier news items,
see our Library here

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